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Anon Leads A Revolution 4chan

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Usefulresults - Anon is lead on : 4chan. Do not post anything other than 4chan screenshots do not link directly to do not post anything from unrelated websites your post must be a screencap of a 4chan thread, not a 4chan meme, or meta discussion about 4chan do not post screencaps over a year old, and do not omit the date and time stamp those posts belong in r classic4chan. Anon buys bitcoin : 4chan. Anon wonders about 4chan's ads 58 3 comments sorry chief one safeguard really is a proletariat revolution, and maintaining the threat of it the wealthy are incentivized to at least make the "game" of society life status seem fair, because if it doesn't like right now , the lower status masses will start to think of ways upward. An anonymous 4chan post could help solve a 25 year old. A 4chan poster might have solved part of a very tricky math problem that mathematicians have been working on for at least 25 years anon was just trying to figure out the most efficient way to. Anon on socialism 4chan voat. That's because they're low value humans with no self esteem what they envision in their heads is keeping their shit job making coffee and making the same amount of money as a doctor, because despite their lack of skills or knowledge or even their ability to learn a skill or gather knowledge, they feel entitled to what other people worked hard for, without working hard for it. Watch "4chan q anon part twenty two more revealed" on. Previous post watch "donald trump is a tactical and strategic political genius and is without peer, history will show" on youtube next post watch "new world order and how they showed us all along" on youtube. #156295789 added by ffinfinity at anon doesn't need communism. #156295789 added by ffinfinity at anon doesn't need communism upload anime & manga because communism is a transitional government that leads to a utopian society in theory pretty similar to marx's interpretation with the lower and upper stages of a communist society after the revolution distribution must be based on the contribution. Qanon know your meme. Qanon's "calm before the storm" cbts refer to a series of cryptic, conspiratorial posts released on 4chan and 8chan authored by a user identified as "q" or "qanon" using the tripcode [q !qo] while conspiracy theories, including some based around pizzagate, have arisen based on the posts, many have mocked the content as a type of prank or live action role playing larp. His was the cultural revolution really destructive to. Was the cultural revolution really destructive to the chinese? i've heard many say the cultural revo " his history & humanities" is 4chan's board for discussing and debating history. Urban dictionary: anon. Anon, abbreviated for anonymous an anon is found on 4chan, usually the ones described are on b , or random yes, anon is the sick bastard that showed you goaste yes, anon is the pervert who thought it'd be funny for you to see 2girls1cup yes, anon is the one that is always willing too add a bit of internet chaos to your day. 4chan wikipedia. Through its association with anonymous, 4chan has become associated with project chanology, a worldwide protest against the church of scientology held by members of anonymous on january 15, 2008, a 4chan user posted to b , suggesting participants "do something big" against the church of scientology's website.

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Anon Leads A Revolution 4chan

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